Our Approach

  • Auto Bank Financial Services
    Identify the customer segments
  • Auto Finance Calculator
    Design Think the customer experience
  • Auto Car Finance
    Re-imagine the business value chain
  • Auto financing services
    Invent platforms with APIs & deep learning
  • Auto bank Financial Services
    Evolve business models

Why vLendRight ?

“We find it ironic that in the digital age, the bank, which is the custodian of customer’s legal and financial identity is believed to end up becoming a utility. We believe that this age enables banks to service customer needs like no other entity can. ”
- Team vLendRight

About the Platform

vLendRight is a digital age customer journey platform which :
  • Re-imagines customer auto purchase journey as a purchase funnel
  • Uses financial institution’s knowledge of the customer
  • Integrates partner dealers, data ecosystem & car data
  • Matches car to a customer persona
  • Delivers smart advice on financing options and deals
  • Learns, improves & executes the next best step for the customer


“Creating value in auto finance is now at the forefront of innovation. vLendRight is partnering up with banks to streamline the customer journey and help financial institutions gain market share in auto finance.”
- Kevin Moseri (Online Marketing Specialist)

Team behind the platform

  • Sudhir Kesavan
    Sudhir Kesavan
    Business Head

    Digital Thinker. Scale Planning, Lean Actions. Managed & grown multiple $100 million dollar businesses working with banks in US & Europe. Expertise in driving strategic planning, innovation & execution

  • Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar
    Product Design & SME

    Customer Obsessed. What the banker couldn’t do, the entrepreneur wants to. Experience of setting up and running asset finance business for GE and HSBC in India. Strategy and Technology consulting at Lloyds and Barclays, Africa.

  • Ravi Samji
    Ravi Samji

    Believes that “The ‘geek’ shall inherit the Earth” Entreprenuer with experience in building products and SAAS service start-ups. Expertise in building products & services for the financial services industry.

  • vlr-img-3
    Shankar Sundarrajan
    Design Thinker & GTM

    His score 3 -1. Three successful bank transformations. 1 early failure. Extensive consulting experience with US Bank, Capital One, Lloyds, ING.

  • vlr-img-2
    Sushankar Daspal
    Product Manager

    Nerd. Trust but verify bloodline. Extensive digital transformation experience with banks. Two mobile banking products in the area of SME Banking and location based marketing. Also led mobile banking product management at a top 10 US bank.

  • vlr-img-6
    Sandeep Saha
    Product Design & SME

    The guy who makes it happen. Managed multiple product design and implementations at top 10 banks. Also ended up helping with TOM redesign at Barclays and Lloyds.

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